“Antioxidants To The Rescue!”

A little science for you today:  Did you know when you exercise, you breathe harder taking in more oxygen. While you do need oxygen to support life, it can become unstable in the body. This unstable oxygen can oxidize and damage your muscle cells which can bring on inflammation and soreness.

The key is in eating something called antioxidants…and haven’t you always wondered what the word “antioxidant” meant? It is the opposite of oxidants, pretty cool huh?  Where do you find antioxidants? You guessed it – all those colorful and vibrant fruits and veggies!
Powerful doses of antioxidants are found in Blueberries, Raspberries, Acai-berries, Carrots, Tomatoes and Spinach – just to name a few!  So come into Big Apple Smoothie Cafe and try a Demo’s Delight, My Cousin Vinny or Power Play smoothie to get your daily dose of powerful antioxidants.

See, your mom was right: eat your fruits and vegetables!

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